I’m tenacious, optimistic, quietly confident, and satisfied with excellence.

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my first hammer
grandma’s sewing machine
shoe prototype
Grandad’s woodworking machine
Olgoj Chorchoj studio
Pavol Mikuláš designer


I am a senior IC layout engineer at TDK.

I am a member of the hardware team that develops high-performance digital microphones. I’m responsible for crafting tight matching, low-noise, and low-power analog blocks.

I served a six months internship at the R&D of Volkswagen, attended a workshop on the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, and received Slovak National Design Prize.

I also spent two years with Olgoj Chorchoj studio as an industrial designer.

I hold a doctorate in Art from the Slovak University of Technology.

I live and work in Bratislava with my wife Eva and daughters Margareta and Milota.